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Ted’s Woodworking™ Review : Yay Or Nay?

Welcome to this Ted’s Woodworking™ review. I know you are here because most of the reviews you have read about this program are either biased or just a summary of the product sales page. Most of these don’t take the trouble to buy the product and review what they have seen and tested.

Fortunately, this is what we do every day. We want to empower you with objective information that helps you to make the right decision.

So is Ted’s Woodworking™ the ultimate program for woodworkers or is it another one of the long lists of scams already on the internet? More importantly, does Ted’s Woodworking™ work, and is it worth the money?

Continue reading to learn more.


What is Ted’s Woodworking Plan™?

Ted’s Woodworking™ is a detailed guide that contains more than 16,000 woodworking plans to choose from. Once you sign up for this portal, you will get lifetime access to these incredibly amazing woodworking plans.

With this program, you can save hundreds of dollars and time as it puts together thousands of plans so you don’t have to look anywhere.

If you are a DIY enthusiast who likes crafting things, you will find this plan extremely useful. The plans remove the guesswork when it comes to building wood projects.

They guide you from start to finish until you are through with your project. These plans are like being with a master woodworker right next to you that leads your hand throughout the entire project.


How Does It Work?

This program gives you access to thousands of woodworking plans to enable you to build any woodworking project you want. Also, it contains step-by-step instructions complete with video guides.

You will feel as if you are there in the same room with Ted McGrath, leading you step-by-step from start to the end. The instructions are extremely easy to understand and to implement, and anyone can use them irrespective of their skill level.

The project plans are not only detailed but also contain practical instructions along with useful videos. There are also material and cutting lists that make the project practically self-build.

While the program is affordable, it is nowhere near cheap. So if you want a cheap program that is most likely garbage, then you will be better off looking elsewhere.

What Will You Get in Ted’s Woodworking™?

150 Premium Videos

When you buy Ted’s Woodworking™ plan, you also get access to 150 woodworking videos that cover a wide array of woodworking topics. These are videos of veteran woodworkers and they are sure to help you.

There is a huge selection of videos that will greatly enhance your skills. The videos are of high quality and worth hundreds of dollars if they were to be sold separately. But you get all these for nothing if you sign up for Ted’s Woodworking™ course.

Free Book on Starting a Woodworking Business

If you want to get something from your projects, the author teaches you how you can commercialize your woodworking business. This eBook contains tips on how to go about selling your custom woodwork.

You will learn important things like marketing your products, about taxation, accounting and even matters to do with licensing. Other things you will learn include finding suppliers and also scaling up your business.

CAD/DWG Plan Viewer

Ted offers an award-winning CAD/DWG plan viewer at no cost to you, though this is for just a limited time. You will use this in modifying and editing plans to suit your specific projects.

Complete Woodworking Guides

The guide also gives you access to more than 200 pages of tips and tricks about woodworking. The guides cover all the basics of woodworking like cutting dovetails to how to work with hand tools.

Benefits of Ted’s Woodworking Plans™

You’ll Get More Than 16,000 Plans

The guide gives you unfettered access to tens of thousands of done-for-you plans containing easy instructions that anyone can follow. Also included with the plans are step-by-step blueprints and guides to make your work as easy as possible. Thanks to these blueprints, even the most taxing project will be like minced meat to you.

Lifetime Monthly Plans & Support

Ted continually adds new plans every month. This means that you will get access to an ongoing supply of plans at no additional cost to you. You will get all the steps you need to complete your project. There is also a robust support system just in case you are stuck.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

As if this guide is not enough, Ted also offers you an iron-clad money-back guarantee to go with the book. It means that you have 60 days to try the program and see whether it works or not. If it doesn’t, you just need to contact the author through an email and you’ll get your money back.


The excellent plans, guides, and material lists make it easy for you to build any project you want.

The program suits both beginners and professionals.

It is way affordable than most programs but also gives you more value for your money.

It is instantly available which means you can start working on your projects right away.



  The only drawback to this program is that it doesn’t come in a physical copy that you can walk into a shop and buy.


Who is Ted McGrath?

Ted McGrath is the creator of this comprehensive guide and has the experience that spans more than 25 years. Apart from being a certified master woodworking professional, he is also an author and a trainer.

He currently runs a class where he teaches people everything about woodworking. He learned from his training sessions that many people don’t have access to detailed and high-quality plans, which is why he created this guide.


Verdict: Should You Buy It?

The answer to this question depends on two other questions: do you struggle to find good woodworking plans to use? Do you have a limited budget?

If you answered positively to these questions, then you definitely should buy this guide. With over 16,000 plans, premium videos, instant DVDs and guides, this program offers more than you could ever wish for.

On top of that, the author backs it up with an irrefutable 60-day money-back guarantee. In other words, you just can’t lose with Ted’s Woodworking™ plans.


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Get The Entire
Ted’s Woodworking
for Only $47

(Regular Price $97)

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